What Should You Do When Your Car Insurance Claim in Augusta, GA Is Denied?

The only reason you get car insurance and pay your premiums as required is so that you have coverage. You expect that if you get into a car crash in Augusta, GA, your insurance company will compensate you. However, there are instances when this doesn’t happen, which leaves one feeling pretty devastated. An insurance company has the right to deny a car insurance claim if it doesn’t agree with the contract. You need to make the correct claim for you to receive what the guilty party owes. There are, however, cases where an insurance company denies a legit request. In this situation, you need a car accident lawyer to guide you through your options.

Why Your Insurance Company Denied Your Augusta, GA Car Insurance Claim

The insurance companies legally have a right to deny a car insurance claim made by a client. Denial is legal if made in good faith, meaning that you were in the wrong. Here are some reasons for the refusal of your claim.

  • Your claim and policy do not match.

    You are only allowed to claim if your policy covers the losses you have suffered. For example, if you have a liability policy then you make a collision claim, the company will deny it. As a result, the company will not compensate for damages to your car.

  • An excessive claim.

    In every policy, there is a limit to which you can get compensation. In case you exceed this limit, the insurance company has a right to deny your claim.

  • Uninsured claim

    If you make an uninsured claim yet the at-fault party has insurance, you will not get compensated.

  • Unpaid premiums

    If you had a bill that accumulated by the end of the grace period, then you are no longer insured. That means that if you make an Augusta, GA car insurance claim afterwards, the company will deny it.

  • Incorrect information

    It is vital that you also work in good faith, meaning that you give accurate information. However, if your claim includes some unverified details, the insurance company can refuse it.

  • If you intentionally caused the damage

    Causing damage to your car so that you may get compensated is against the policy. As a result, your insurance company will deny the claim and may even have you arrested.

Insurance Company Bad Faith and How a Car Accident Lawyer in Augusta, GA Can Help

Acting in bad faith is against the law. An insurance company operates in bad faith if it refuses to do its due diligence in the process. Some of these actions include:

  • Refusing to investigate a car insurance claim in good time or doing a poor job at it.
  • Denying a legitimate claim made by a customer.
  • Making an offer on a claim that is so much less than its actual worth.
  • Not giving adequate reasons for denying your claim.

If the company has acted in bad faith, a great attorney will help you decide the best course of action.

What a Car Accident Lawyer in Augusta Can Do If They Deny your Claim?

If the insurance company has illegally denied your claim, you can have your car accident attorney file a suit. It is a good idea to inform them of your plans to see if they have a change of heart. Augusta, GA insurance companies, do not like to go to court since that is almost always bad for them.

Since they do not want this, they may review your car insurance claim and agree to pay it. If this happens, you have the option to take the compensation or to still opt for court. Settling with the insurance company will save you money and time since the court process could take longer. However, if you proceed to court and win the case, your lawyer may get you an even bigger package.

If the court finds that the insurance company wrongly denied your claim, it will award you damages such as:

  • Compensatory

    It compensates you for your losses that the insurance company refused.

  • Consequential

    It pays you for other damages that you may have suffered due to the bad faith.

  • Punitive and Attorney’s Fees

    The court may order the company to pay your attorney’s fees. It may also award you punitive damages to punish the acts of the insurance company.

An excellent lawyer will assist you to get compensation even if the insurance company denied your car insurance claim. Contact an Augusta car accident lawyer At Ted A. Greve & Associates, we deal with so many cases involving denial of claims. We understand what is rightfully yours and that is why we are committed to helping you get it.