How Can I Avoid Distracted Driving This Holiday Season in Augusta, GA?

Fatalities resulting from auto collisions seem to be on the rise throughout Georgia, and a big part of the problem seems to be emanating from drivers who are distracted from the road as a result of their cell phones. Even as new laws have been applied to try and reduce the hazards of driving in places like Augusta, auto accidents resulting from distracted driving in Augusta continue to escalate.

Currently, it is illegal for people in charge of a motor vehicle to text, use a cell phone or other device while driving. The law also states that drivers should focus exclusively on the safe operation of their vehicle, refraining from any actions that may cause their attention to wane, including activities such as eating or changing stations on the radio.

Further preventative efforts are in the pipeline, including a new device called a Textalyzer. This innovative technology is designed to reveal exactly when a phone was last active, enabling investigators to ascertain whether an individual involved in an accident was distracted by their cell phone at the time of the incident. Should it be introduced, drivers refusing to have their cell phones scanned by the device will suffer similar consequences to those declining to be breathalyzed. While some argue this will infringe on people’s Fourth Amendment protections, some believe that, as the device cannot reveal the content of a message or social media post, the tool leaves personal privacy intact.

How dangerous is distracted driving in Augusta, Georgia?

A study carried out in 2006 revealed data that suggests the majority of auto collisions are partly caused by driver behavior and distraction. While many drivers think nothing of typing out a text message while behind the wheel, a study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that it is one of the largest causes of crashes on America’s roads and Georgia is one of the worst state culprits. Not only is Atlanta one of the least courteous cities in the country,but also, in a 2008 survey, 37% of state drivers admitted to texting while in control of a vehicle. Evidence suggests that younger drivers who have less experience in handling a vehicle are more likely to use a phone while driving and less capable of dealing with the consequences of taking their eyes off the road.

Cell phones are not the only culprits when it comes to losing focus on the road, with other causes including drivers reaching for a moving object which can increase the likelihood of a vehicle collision by nine times or a tired driver who is four times more likely to be involved in a road incident.

What should I do if I am involved in a distracted driving car accident in Augusta?

The first step is to report the incident to the police, so they can safeguard the area, assess the scene and complete a detailed report. Even if you have no noticeable injuries, it’s important to seek medical advice as the physical and psychological consequences of an accident are not always self-evident. Keep a copy of all paperwork relating to the incident, whether it’s a police report or a statement from a medical practitioner as all this evidence will be beneficial in the event of a car accident lawsuit. If the crash was caused by someone other than yourself, you might be approached by their insurance company, who will offer you a settlement for your consideration. At this point, the advice of a legal practitioner will prove invaluable in securing the best possible outcome.

How do I pursue an Augusta distracted driving car accident lawsuit?

Make sure that you choose the right person to represent your legal concerns before filing a car accident lawsuit in Augusta, GA. When speaking to a prospective attorney, ask poignant questions about their areas of practice, the regularity of their contact with a client and the likelihood of securing a positive outcome. While some law firms may focus on specific areas of the law, such as employment-related issues or criminal investigations, others are dedicated to injury law and are therefore in the best position to assist you. An attorney who is fully conversant with the legal connotations of Georgia’s fault-based system of car insurance claims will be able to offer the most comprehensive advice.

Consult with a Georgia Attorney About Your Distracted Driving Car Accident Lawsuit

Dr. Ted Greve has the advantage of being both a medical practitioner and a lawyer, so contact a Georgia auto accident attorney today to get answers to your questions about filing a car accident lawsuit for your distracted driving car crash case.