I Have a Workplace Injury in Augusta, GA. How Can I Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

While you are sitting at your desk enjoying a morning cup of coffee and checking your emails, the thought of an office-related injury is far from your mind. Statistics, however, indicate that you aren’t as safe as you believe and, should the unexpected occur, it is important to be fully up-to-date with regards to the Georgia work injury law and the workers’ comp benefits available to you.

What are the major causes of workplace injury in Augusta, GA?

One of the most common accidents to occur in an office is falling, caused by slippery floors, unstable chairs, loose electrical cords and a number of other obstructions. Other causes include substandard visibility or standing on a chair to reach something. Poorly designed workspaces are also responsible for causing physical stress that can lead to disabling conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. Many jobs involved repetitive actions which cause problems with the nervous system and put extra strain on tendons.

Sitting in the same position for hours upon end also has a potential negative impact on the body, while using a low chair or a high computer screen causes discomfort that can lead to physical impairment. The fourth highest cause of fatal occupational injury is homicide and employers across Augusta, Georgia are encouraged to implement a zero-tolerance approach to violence in the place of work.

What damages can a workers’ comp attorney secure in Augusta, GA?

As it becomes apparent that office staff is vulnerable to injuries resulting from their employment, it’s important to know how to deal with this eventuality. The cause of the accident will influence how you proceed legally. If your accident resulted from a faulty product, such as an unstable chair, you might be able to receive compensation from the company that manufactured the item. In addition to this option, a workers’ comp attorney will also be able to pursue both economic and non-economic damages on your behalf.

Economic or special compensations cover everything from your medical fees to any loss of income incurred because of time you have taken off work to recover from the injury. These are easy to work out as they are based on exact monetary worth, and evidence can be provided in the way of receipts and statements from your medical practitioner.

Non-economic benefits are more difficult to quantify as it is based on the subjective experience you have of the injury, regarding pain, ongoing conditions or long-term physical limitations and the effect the accident has had regarding your life enjoyment. It can also incorporate issues relating to how the injury has impacted on other members of your family.

What to Do After a Workers’ Comp Injury in Georgia

As it becomes apparent that office staff can be vulnerable to injuries resulting from their employment, it is important to know how to deal with this eventuality. To increase the likelihood of a successful claim for benefits, it is important you follow the correct protocol.

First, write to your employer to notify them of the incident and its consequences and be sure to keep a copy of the report on file for future use. At this point, you can seek the advice of a medical professional, ensuring you keep a copy of all your paperwork related to your medical consultations, prescriptions, surgeries, and therapies. The more evidence you can compile, the easier it will be for your legal adviser to secure you a favorable outcome under Georgia laws. Once you have filed your claim, including as much information as possible and the names of any witnesses to the accident, you should contact an attorney to negotiate with your employer and insurance company to secure all the benefits to which you are entitled.

Although filing a workers’ comp claim may feel confrontational, it is important to remember that you are not taking the company to court, you are merely exercising your rights as an employee. Even in circumstances which you may not consider yourself eligible, contacting a workman’s compensation attorney may prove valuable. For example, even if you are suffering from a pre-existing condition, if it is exacerbated by your working conditions, you will still be eligible for health benefits. Similarly, even if the accident occurs during your lunch break or at a work function, you will still be able to place a legitimate claim.

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