What Are the Next Steps After a Workplace Injury?

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Most people go their entire lives without getting hurt at work. This is because most jobs aren’t all that dangerous. However, if you work in one of the more dangerous industries, there’s a good chance you could get hurt on the job. If that happens, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation. But if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do after a workplace injury, you could end up putting your claim in jeopardy. This is why it’s a good idea to consult with workers comp attorneys in Augusta before you do anything you can’t undo.

Here, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take immediately following a workplace injury. We’ll also explain why it’s so important that you follow these steps. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake that can cost you the benefits to which you’re entitled.

If you still have questions once you’ve read this article, all you have to do is give us a call. One of our esteemed Augusta, Georgia personal injury lawyers will sit down with you and go over your case. If they feel your workplace injury claim is valid, they’ll offer to represent you. If you choose to move forward, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your attorney will handle the legal side of things while you recover from your workplace injury.

The First Thing You Need to Do is Report Your Workplace Injury

No matter what you do after the fact, you must report your workplace injury to your manager. If they aren’t available, go directly to your Human Resources manager. Once you report it, they’ll fill out an incident report. This will go to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

When they submit your claim, they’re going to make a recommendation to the insurance adjuster. Based on what happened, they’ll either recommend they approve it or they may ask them to deny your claim. It could be a couple of weeks before you know for sure.

Rather than waiting to learn your claim has been denied, make sure you call a local workers’ compensation attorney in Augusta right away. They’ll make sure your claim is handled properly from the start. If your claim happens to be denied, they’ll file an appeal on your behalf. And, if need be, they will file a lawsuit for you.

You Need to Go for Medical Treatment Immediately

One of the mistakes some of our clients make is they don’t go to the hospital after their workplace injury. They assume that they’re fine. They only report it in case, by chance, they don’t feel so great a few days later.

No matter how minor your workplace injury appears to be, you must seek treatment immediately after your accident. Not only does this make common sense, but it’s the only way to protect your legal rights. If you wait too long to seek medical care, it’s easy for the insurance company to claim you got hurt some other way. They’ll argue that, had your injuries been caused by your workplace accident, you would’ve gone to the hospital right away.

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You Need to Agree to Be Treated by a State-Approved Workers Comp Doctor in Georgia

Regardless of what you’d prefer, you need to go to the state-approved doctor suggested by your employer. If you’re treated by your primary care physician, your medical bills will not be covered by workers’ compensation.

In Georgia, injured workers are legally required to be treated by one of the various state-approved doctors. These doctors have been certified by the State of Georgia. If you refuse to be treated by one of these doctors, your workers’ compensation claim will be denied.

Your Augusta, Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Can’t Help if You Refuse to Take a Drug Test

Almost every employer in Georgia is going to ask you to take a drug test immediately after your workplace injury. They want to make sure you didn’t get hurt because you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If your drug test comes back positive, your claim will not be approved.

Some employers do offer their workers drug or alcohol rehabilitation if something like this happens. Sometimes it’s better to pay for an employee to get treatment than it is to lose an employee. However, even if they agree to do this, they will not pay replacement wages.

If your workers’ compensation attorneys in Augusta attempt to appeal this claim, your employer may withdraw the offer for treatment. No judge is going to force an employer to pay out on a worker’s comp claim when the employee was high or drunk at the time of their workplace injury.

Make Sure You Comply with Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

If at some point during your recovery, you refuse to comply with your doctor’s treatment plan for your workplace injury, your claim may be terminated. If this happens, you’ll no longer receive any workers’ compensation benefits.

Your employer will have the right to do this. They may even be allowed to demand repayment of any monies they have already paid out. The point of workers’ compensation in Georgia is to get you healed so you can return to work. If you refuse to do the work to make this happen, you won’t be rewarded with benefits. It will also be no surprise if your employer chooses to terminate your employment as well.

Before you refuse any sort of treatment for your workplace injury, make sure you talk to your Augusta, Georgia personal injury lawyer. They may be able to talk to the insurance adjuster and get them to approve alternate treatment. Or your attorney can get a second opinion in your case. If another doctor argues that the treatment plan is not a good idea, you may be able to forego that treatment.

Reach Out to Seasoned Workers Compensation Attorneys in Augusta Right Away

If you suffer a workplace injury, there is a lot on the line. Not only do you need to pay for the medical treatment you need, but you also need to be able to pay your bills. You could be out of work for weeks or even months. It’s important that you have some sort of income during that time. Your Augusta, Georgia personal injury lawyer can help make sure that happens.

If your workers’ comp claim has been denied, you need help. Your lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf and make sure you get the care you deserve. All you have to do is call and schedule your free, initial consultation.