Personal Injury Actions: What Are They?

Devastated, injured, and in a financial crisis are only a few emotions that may occur after an accident or incident. Often in situations of a financial decline, the injured party has to borrow money to survive. Trying to take control of your life is completely understandable. Many times, it’s important to start with your finances. Once an injury has occurred, it’s very apparent that financial stability is important. Reaching out to a loyal lawyer is increasingly important to ensure that you have their help.

List of Damages That Are Recoverable

When an incident or accident happens, all damages are categorized as either a direct damage or a consequential damage. A result that is directly affected by a person’s wrongful or neglectful conduct is defined as a direct damage. Conversely, damages that act as a result of an accident, even if they may not have been directed from the accident or incident are known as consequential damages. These are the two categories for damages, but there are also three categories of monetary damages recoverable when it comes to personal injury – special, general, and punitive damages. 

What are Special Damages? These damages are damages or costs that happen after an incident. Typical types of special damages are personal property damages, lost wages, and medical expenses. The plaintiffs in most states, are required to show that damages were incurred with the extent of damages. The plaintiff is able to obtain payment for any losses incurred, after a successful proven claim. One specific way to provide the extent and amount of damages is to have the proof of medical bills, submission of receipts regarding repairs to an automobile, and accounting references to lost wages.

The law presumes that general damages are those that directly come from wrongful acts. General damages are substantially different than special damages in that general damages are not subjected to a specific accounting record. On the other hand, general damages in regards to monetary relief are decided on by a jury on a case by case basis. A common case of a general damage is suffering and pain. When it comes to general damages, they are usually more difficult to prove; contacting an attorney can be invaluable in claims of these types.

What are Punitive Damages? These damages are damages that typically are awarded to the injured person for the reason of punishing the one who did the wrongdoing. In order to deter from future conduct that may occur in the same nature, these additional damages are provided.

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