What Kinds of Personal Injury Cases do Atlanta Attorneys Handle?

One of the most common types of personal injury cases are a slip and falls. They can happen anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you’re walking – a store, restaurant or city street – you can slip and fall. Hopefully, if you do fall, you won’t be seriously injured. But there are times when a slip and fall can lead to life-changing injuries.

A lot of people think slip and fall cases are clichés. We see these types of cases in the news all the time. People are caught faking slip and fall injuries all the time. This is especially true if there are no video cameras to document your fall.

Personal injury lawyers carefully screen their clients. They don’t want to take a case that has no merit. The last thing they want to do is waste their time on a case that isn’t going to pay. They’ll ask the right questions and review your case before they agree to file suit.

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, you should call an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. It really isn’t something you want to handle yourself.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta Handle all Types of Cases

Your personal injury lawyer in Atlanta has handled all types of cases. Some of them are pretty typical. Some others are a bit more interesting. Experienced attorneys have handled hundreds of cases just like yours.

Some of the most common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Dog Bites
  • Workplace injuries
  • Product liability
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Caretaker negligence

If you’ve suffered any of these accidents, you should call and speak with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. A lawyer can help you get justice. He can help you get the compensation you deserve.

You may have to file suit against more than one party. Some of the defendants in your cases may include:

  • Property owner
  • Manufacturer
  • Individual
  • Hospital
  • Neighbor
  • Construction manager
  • Business

Your lawyer won’t be intimidated by any of these defendants. He’ll go up against them and their lawyers and try to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

How Can an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

You don’t want to handle a personal injury case by yourself. The insurance company is going to have plenty of attorneys working for them. It’s a good idea that you have one by your side as well.

There are a few things your personal injury lawyer will tell you about your case:

  • Always seek medical treatment immediately following your accident
  • Get a police report
  • Get the contact information for any eyewitnesses
  • Make sure you fill out an incident form (if applicable)
  • Get the insurance company for the defendant

Your Atlanta personal injury lawyer will need this information. He’s going to rely on it to prove your case.

The first thing he’ll do is file a claim against the defendant’s insurance company. Hopefully, the claim will be paid. If it is denied, he’ll appeal it. He’ll also call the insurance adjuster and try to get it approved.

Most cases are settled. Very rarely will you have to file suit? However, if they won’t pay your claim, you’ll have no other choice.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Are Ready to Take Your Case

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident, contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today. Your lawyer can handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting well. You need to focus on taking care of you and your family.

Call and schedule a free initial consultation with a local attorney. He can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. Depending on your injuries, he’ll file a claim for the following damages:

  • Medical bills – Current and future bills should be covered by the defendant or their insurance company.
  • Lost wages – If you missed any time from work, you are entitled to be compensated.
  • Property Damage – If you suffered any property damage in the accident, you should be reimbursed.
  • Pain and Suffering – Many cases involve pain and suffering. Your lawyer will fight hard to get you every penny you deserve.

Just remember – you have to suffer an injury in order to file suit. Your lawyer isn’t going to take your case if you weren’t injured. He doesn’t want to waste your time or his on a frivolous lawsuit.

Call and talk to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today. The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you win your case.