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Do you need to apply for Social Security disability benefits and need professional assistance to guide you through the filing process? Has your claim been rejected or disputed, and you have no idea what to do next? You should contact our team of Social Security disability lawyers in Raleigh NC for first-class assistance in this field.

Social Security disability benefits were paid to more than 10 million people in 2017 alone, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Within the month of December, disabled beneficiaries received payments of nearly $11.5 billion.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you to complete the steps needed to file a claim, appeal a denied claim and/or educate you on how to properly transition back into the workforce without automatically losing your benefits.

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How is Disability Defined in North Carolina? 

SSDI is standardized by the Federal government, but there are various state differences when it comes to waiting times, approval rates and allotted appeal attempts. However, the State of North Carolina complies with the definition of disability enforced by the SSA.
To qualify as a disability, a person’s condition must be:

  • Severe enough to prevent you from earning a substantial income
  • Relatively long-lasting (1-year minimum)

Your Social Security disability lawyers in Raleigh NC will help you to examine the circumstances of your specific situation to determine if you meet these criteria.

Which Types of Disabilities Are Covered Under SSDI? 

During the evaluation process, the type of disability is considered to determine eligibility. The list of impairments reviewed by the SSA includes the following types of disorders:

  • Respiratory (Examples: lung transplantation, cystic fibrosis)
  • Digestive (Examples: inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal hemorrhage)
  • Immune System (Examples: inflammatory arthritis, lupus, scleroderma)
  • Cardiovascular (Examples: recurrent arrhythmias, chronic heart failure)
  • Skin (Examples: dermatitis, ichthyosis, burns)
  • Neurological (Examples: Parkinson’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS)
  • Mental (Examples: Schizophrenia, depressive, bipolar, neurocognitive, intellectual)

Various types of cancer (including breast cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia) are also included on the list. Your Social Security disability lawyer will work with you to identify the specific type for your condition and collect the substantial documentation and evidence needed to prove it.

Do You Have to Wait a Full Year Before Filing a Claim? 

As referenced above, a disability is defined by the SSA as relatively long-lasting with a minimum length of one year. However, this does not mean you must wait for the full year to pass before you file a disability claim.
If the duration of your disability does not meet this timeline, it does not mean there is no hope. A disability examiner will still review the details of your claim and project the duration of your condition based on medical records and other presented evidence.

Can You Work and Receive Social Security Disability Benefits? 

A common misconception is that any type of employment will make a person ineligible to receive SSDI. On the contrary, he or she can still qualify for benefits if they are unable to make a “substantial and gainful income” (SGA).
According to the SSA, the monthly SGA amounts for 2019 are:

  • $2,040 for statutorily blind people
  • $1,220 for non-blind people

Once a person becomes eligible for benefits, he or she is encouraged to find employment opportunities. For instance, there is a trial work period offered as an incentive that allows beneficiaries to generate earnings while still collecting SSDI benefits.

What If My Claim is Disputed or Denied? 

If your SSDI claim is disputed or denied, it may seem like the end of the line. It is strongly recommended for you to not give up after encountering this hurdle. A Social Security disability lawyer in Raleigh NC will work hard on your behalf to plot the best course of action to take.
The evaluation of disability involves a variety of agencies and officials – including healthcare professionals, insurance companies and even an administrative law judge. Retaining a Social Security disability attorney will help you to navigate your way through this turbulent process and increase your chances of receiving the benefits that you rightfully deserve.
For instance, it is common for an SSDI claim to be rejected for such preventable reasons as improper filing, outstanding records or just the lack of legal representation. Keep in mind that there is a window of time available to appeal a rejected disability claim. However, this window is much shorter than many people think – which is why time is of the essence.

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