What Should I Do After a Workplace Injury in Charlotte, North Carolina?

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If you get hurt while on the job, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to file for worker’s compensation in North Carolina. Worker’s comp not only covers any medical care you may need. It also provides you with replacement wages while you’re out of work. In cases involving legitimate workplace accidents, an employee’s injuries will be covered by their employer’s workers comp insurance. However, the steps you take immediately following your workplace injury in Charlotte will make the difference between having your claim paid and having it denied.

Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyers meet with clients all the time who’ve had their claims denied. In many of these cases, the claim would’ve been approved had the employee handled it properly from the start.

Here, we’ll discuss the steps an employee should take immediately following a workplace injury in Charlotte. Since each company has its own workplace accident policy, it’s important that you be familiar with yours. Your North Carolina personal injury attorney will need a copy of this policy to prosecute your case.

How Common Are Workplace Injuries in North Carolina?

People get hurt on the job more than most people think. Thankfully, most of these injuries are not very serious. Usually, when an employee suffers a workplace injury in Charlotte, they are out of work for a few weeks or months recovering. Once they’re done with their medical treatment, they’re able to return to work in the same position they had prior to the accident.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where the injuries are very severe. In 2020, 189 people in North Carolina died as a result of a workplace accident. This number is up from where it was a couple of years ago. In 2013, there were only 109 fatal workplace accidents. That number has almost doubled in the last ten years.

The national statistics for workplace accidents are no better than they are for North Carolina. For example, in 2020, there were close to 5,000 deaths in the U.S. caused by workplace injuries. This number was lower than it was in previous years. This could be because so many people worked from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Report Your Workplace Injury in Charlotte Right Away

One of the reasons so many workers comp claims go unpaid is because the employee didn’t report their workplace injury in Charlotte right away. The only way to prove that your injuries were caused by a workplace accident is to report it to H.R. immediately. If you wait – even one day – they can argue that you got hurt on your own time.

Not only do you need to report your accident to have a valid claim. You also need to give your employer the chance to provide you with proper medical care. The longer your injuries go untreated, the less likely it is that you’ll fully heal. Your employer’s company-approved doctor needs to see you immediately if they’re going to treat your injuries.

If you don’t report your workplace injury in Charlotte for days or weeks, your workers’ compensation claim will probably be denied. If this happens, you need to call and talk to an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney right away. They’ll get in touch with your employer and their insurance company to see how they can make things right.

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You Must Be Treated Immediately Following Your Workplace Injury in Charlotte

When it comes to getting the medical care you need after a workplace injury in Charlotte, you don’t want to mess around. Your human resources manager will arrange for you to be taken to the hospital right away to see how serious your injuries are. They’ll also assign you to a company-approved doctor.

After you are checked out in the emergency room, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of medical care you need. Ideally, you’ll be treated in the E.R. and be ready to go back to work right away. If this isn’t the case, you could be out of work for a while.

In order to pay your bills while you’re out of work, you’ll need your workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits take care of your medical bills and provide you with replacement wages. In North Carolina, you can expect to receive 2/3 of your average weekly wages. So, if you were making $500 per week, you’ll receive approximately $333 per week in workers comp benefits.

If you fail to get the medical treatment you need immediately following your workplace injury in Charlotte, you probably won’t receive any benefits at all.

Make Sure You Comply with Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

Once your injuries have been evaluated by a company-approved doctor, they’ll lay out a treatment plan for you. You must comply with this plan. If you miss doctor’s appointments or don’t attend physical therapy, your benefits may be terminated. The same is true if you refuse to undergo surgery or otherwise refuse to cooperate with your doctor.

One question a lot of our clients have is why they can’t see their own doctor. North Carolina law dictates that injured workers must be treated by an approved and certified doctor. If you refuse to do this, the insurance company has every right to deny your claim. If you were already receiving benefits, your employer will terminate them.

If this happens to you, it’s in your best interest to contact a skilled Charlotte workers’ compensation lawyer. They’ll find out what you can do to start receiving benefits again. They can also negotiate with the insurance company to see if you can see a different state-approved doctor.

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