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Can You Sue For Damages If You Were Trespassing in Charlotte?

Can You Sue For Damages If You Were Trespassing in Charlotte?

If you get hurt on someone else’s property, there’s a good chance you can collect damages from their homeowner’s policy. It really depends on the facts of your case. If the property owner didn’t keep their premises safe, then your Charlotte personal injury lawyer can prove negligence and you can sue for damages.

Things get a bit trickier if you were on their property without permission. Trespassers generally cannot sue for damages against a property owner. However, if there was an unsafe condition on the property that should’ve been resolved, you may have a legal claim. Your attorney will have to prove that your injuries were foreseeable. They’ll also have to prove that the defendant should’ve known that you would end up on their property.

If you or your child sustain an injury on someone’s property, you need to call an experienced Charlotte personal injury lawyer.

Certain Types of Guests are Covered Under Premises Liability

Despite the fact that you’re a trespasser, you may still be entitled to collect damages from the defendant. It really depends on whether you had a right to be on the property. It also depends on what type of guest the court deems you to be.

The four (4) main types of visitors on a property include:

  • Invitee – This is someone who was invited on the property by the owner. An example of this is when you go into a store.
  • Licensee – Enters the property for their own purposes, but they do have the consent of the owner. This could be a salesperson or client.
  • Social Guest – This is just what it sounds like. If you’re invited to a party or a dinner at someone’s home, you would be considered a social guest.
  • Trespasser – Most people know what a trespasser is. And, while you may think that trespassers can’t sue for a premise’s liability claim, they can. If the owner knows that the trespasser is likely to enter their property, they may be required to warn the trespasser of any dangerous condition.

Generally speaking, social guests and invitees will always be covered under premises liability law. However, trespassers and licensees usually are not. Your Charlotte personal injury attorney will have to work extra hard to prove your case.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte Has to Prove Negligence to Sue For Damages

As long as you go to the hospital, your Charlotte personal injury lawyer should be able to prove your damages. They’ll need your medical records to prove that you were injured. Now they have to demonstrate exactly why you should have a claim for damages. Depending on your case, you may be able to demand any or all of the following:

  • Medical Bills – If you are hospitalized or require medical care, the defendant will have to pay for this treatment. This includes future medical care as well. Your doctor can testify as to what future medical treatment you need. The defendant will be liable for these expenses.
  • Lost Wages – If you miss a significant amount of time from work, you can demand that you be reimbursed for lost wages. Usually, this requires that you miss at least a couple of weeks. Your attorney will submit time sheets and payroll records to prove these damages.
  • Property Damage – If any of your property was damaged or destroyed during the accident, you can demand compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering – These damages are intended to compensate you for physical and mental anguish. These usually make up the lion’s share of your settlement.
  • Permanent Disability – If you can no longer work as a result of your accident, the defendant may be held liable for these damages. They are represented by the difference in what you’ll earn on disability compared to what you would’ve earned if you could return to working full-time.

Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer will push to get you as much compensation as possible.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte Today

If you have been hurt in any sort of premises liability accident, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Charlotte today. They can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. They can also answer any questions you may have.

Call Ted A. Greve & Associates today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case. The defendant will have a team of lawyers working for them and you should too. There’s too much at stake to try to handle this yourself. Let them handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting better.

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