What is Charlotte SSDI?

When you have a disability that prevents you from working, you need to be able to live a comfortable life. With Charlotte Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you can get compensation for your disabilities as well as coverage for medical insurance. Charlotte SSDI can help you get medical treatment as well as pay your living expenses.

Do I Qualify for Charlotte SSDI?

Applying for Charlotte SSDI can be a complex process. Making sure you qualify for SSDI requires an understanding of the law and how it applies to you and your disability. A Charlotte SSDI attorney can help you apply for benefits under the SSDI program and ensure you get coverage for your disabilities.

Qualifying for SSDI in Charlotte can be complicated because you will need to prove the extent of your disability and its severity. In order for you to qualify for SSDI, you need to have a disability that prevents you from working in a substantial and meaningful way. This may include being unable to perform general and essential job duties or holding a job because of your injuries.

You must also have a disability that lasts for at least one year. You may have medical advice that your disability will at least last one year which could qualify you for Charlotte SSDI.

One of the main factors in obtaining SSDI in Charlotte is how many credits you have earned in the Social Security system. This can be challenging to comprehend and may require the assistance of a Charlotte SSDI attorney to decipher if you qualify for benefits according to the law. As the law is represented, you should have earned credits into the Social Security system based on working over the last five to 10 years.

Additional qualifications for Charlotte SSDI include low income and low assets. There are limits as to how much you can earn while being on the SSDI program as well as how much in assets you can have under your ownership.

Will I Receive Medical Coverage Under Charlotte SSDI?

Under the Charlotte SSDI laws, a person that applies and is accepted for insurance under the program also automatically receives Medicaid coverage. Medicaid is the government health care insurance program afforded to individuals with a disability. This provides medical coverage for treatment of your disability as well as general health care coverage. You can rest assured that your medical needs will be covered under Medicaid as the insurance is fairly comprehensive and will help with the treatment of your disabilities.

When Should I Apply for Charlotte SSDI?

Applying for Charlotte SSDI needs to occur as soon as you become disabled. The program will not begin paying you benefits until after you have been disabled for a full six months. This does not mean that you need to wait six months to file your claim, as a request for SSDI can take some time to be approved. It is important that you file as soon as possible so your benefits coverage is not delayed for any reason.

You will receive your first payment from Charlotte SSDI after the six-month waiting period and after a full month has passed from the date of your application approval.

How Do I Apply for Charlotte SSDI?

Applying for SSDI in Charlotte is an arduous process, but an attorney can help make it easier for you. You may apply for benefits online or by calling the Social Security Office that is convenient to you. You may also visit your local Social Security office as they have representatives on hand to assist with your application.

The Charlotte SSDI program has also made accommodations for individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing to apply on the phone.

The process for applying for SSDI requires that you provide documentation of your disability as well as personal information about yourself. You will need:

  • Social security number
  • Birth certificate
  • Contact information for any medical professionals that cared for you
  • Medication information
  • Medical record copies
  • Lab and test results
  • Work summary and history
  • W-2 forms
  • Application for disability benefits

While your application may qualify for SSDI, you may also need to see an agency doctor that will evaluate your disability. They perform a series of tests on the capabilities and limitations that your disability presents to determine if you qualify for Charlotte SSDI. Social Security will pay if you need to see an agency doctor to determine more information about your disability.

It is best to start gathering this information as soon as you have a disability, as it takes time to obtain medical records from your doctors, hospitals, and clinics that you visited and stayed at during your medical treatment. Also, bear in mind that you may have to pay for copies of your medical records from these facilities. Charlotte SSDI does not reimburse you for these expenses.

How Do I Know If My Charlotte SSDI Was Approved?

You would be contacted by mail if your Charlotte SSDI was approved. This letter will detail what you will receive for payments each month and when you can expect your first payment. Remember that it can take as long as two to three months to process a SSDI application. If you are blind, you can request that Charlotte SSDI make special accommodations when contacting you.

In most instances, Charlotte SSDI will contact you by mail or phone if they need additional information or have questions about your application or enrollment in their program. There are occasional instances when SSDI will come to your home. They will provide identification upon their arrival, and you are able to verify their credentials with your local Social Security office.

Consult with an SSDI Attorney in Charlotte, NC

When you are applying for Charlotte SSDI, you need the assistance of a Charlotte disability lawyer that you can trust. The lawyers at Ted A. Greve & Associates can help you get the benefit coverage you deserve for your disabilities. They can walk you through the filing process and help access your disability to determine if it qualifies for insurance coverage. Contact us today for a consultation!