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Is Workplace Violence Covered Under Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Atlanta Georgia workers' comp lawyer

Assaults, threats, homicides, and other violence within American workplaces are all too common. The most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statics uncovered 23,000 significant injuries that occurred from assaults at work in 2013. Healthcare and social service workers are the most at risk, considering more than 70 percent of the assaults occurred in…

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Focus on Safety All Summer to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Augusta Georgia personal injury claim lawyer

For some individuals, there is nothing like the feel of the wind whipping past them as they sail down the freeway on two wheels. The heat of the sun is tempered by the cool wind, and riders are able to experience their own neighborhoods and familiar roads in a totally different way than being encased…

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Getting Into the Workforce with the Social Security Ticket to Work Program

SSDI attorney in Charlotte North Carolina

Social Security Disability Insurance is a major help to approximately nine million people every year. Many adults rely on their monthly Social Security income to pay their basic expenses such as their mortgage or rent, utilities, and food. These benefits may be what keeps a family above water until the beneficiary can get back to…

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Why Auto Accidents Are the Easiest Lawsuits to Win

car crash injury claim lawyer in Atlanta GA

The Snapchat app is a popular social networking and messaging tool that allows users to send or share time-sensitive photos and videos, and video chat with friends. The newest feature includes a filter where users can record their speed of travel while taking a “selfie.”   In 2016, KTLA news reported a nearly fatal car…

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Focus on Safety to Avoid Boating Accidents This Summer

personal injury attorney in Charlotte NC

By the time June rolls around, summer is in full swing and people have their boats, personal watercraft, surf boards, and inner tubes ready to go. When it is a beautiful, sunny weekend, there is nowhere you would rather be than on the local lake or Atlantic Ocean. If it is a long weekend, you…

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What to Look for in a Charlotte, NC Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Charlotte NC workers' comp lawyer

Many people try to handle workers compensation issues on their own. They get hurt and they figure if they read the handbook, follow the rules, and deal with the paperwork that they will be OK. But workers’ compensation insurance is complex and employees are often blindsided by how difficult the process is or how unyielding…

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