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Auto Accidents Caused by Aggressive Driving and Road Rage in Augusta, Georgia

auto accident injury claim lawyer in Augusta GA

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents caused by to aggressive driving and road rage comprise at least a third of all auto accidents.  Road rage is violent driving behavior that comes from a person’s uncontrolled anger towards others on the road. Road rage includes cursing, verbally insulting or threatening another driver, throwing…

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Slander Laws NC When Defamation and Slander Constitute a Personal Injury Claim in Charlotte

personal injury defamation attorneys Charlotte NC

Slander Laws NC – In Charlotte, North Carolina, defamation refers to any false statement that affects the reputation of another person, and is not an element of free speech and opinion. There are two types of defamatory statements, libel and slander. All personal injury defamation statements that are published through written communication are considered libel, whereas…

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Atlanta, Georgia Auto Accidents Involving Drunk Drivers

car wreck injury claim lawyer in Atlanta GA

Accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be catastrophic, traumatic, and often fatal. Yet, these auto accidents are easily preventable, despite being so common. Getting behind the wheel, even after consuming a small amount of alcohol, creates a huge risk. Unfortunately, in spite of all warnings, awareness campaigns, educational programs,…

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Workers' Compensation Benefits for Coal Miners in Augusta, Georgia

workers' comp attorney in Augusta GA

Coal mining is among the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Hundreds of workers are injured every year, with some injuries even resulting in death. The risks of coal mining are so high that miners are required to wear breathing devices at all times in case of an emergency. While cave-ins and explosions are…

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Auto Accidents Caused By Weather Conditions in Charlotte, North Carolina

auto accident injury lawyer in Charlotte NC

Weather conditions in Charlotte, North Carolina can contribute to auto accidents in several different ways. Sometimes, these accidents could be prevented by simply adjusting your driving behavior to accommodate the weather. Other times, there is little you can do to prevent an accident when the weather turns against you. In bad weather, the number of…

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Workers’ Compensation for Public Safety Employees in Charlotte, North Carolina

workers' comp attorney in Charlotte NC

When we think of public safety, the first people who come to mind are police officers and firefighters. However, public safety employees include a wide range of professionals, such as paramedics, security guards, and prison officials. Public safety officers work in potentially dangerous situations for the safety of the community. Occupations like law enforcement and…

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Workers' Compensation Benefits for Construction Workers in Atlanta, Georgia

workers' compensation claim attorney

There are hundreds of hazards on any construction site. There are dug up holes, dangerous tools and equipment lying around, weak ceilings, exposed wiring, flammable objects, glass pieces, and more such dangerous objects that are almost always present at a construction site. An active construction site is obviously extremely hazardous and risky to anyone that…

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Was Your Child Bitten By a Dog in Atlanta, Georgia?

Atlanta GA personal injury law lawyer

Children are often fascinated by dogs, but they may not know how to approach a dog, safely, or how to tell when a dog is behaving in an aggressive or frightened manner. On seeing a dog, a child may act suddenly or loudly, out of excitement, or may approach it in an aggressive manner, making…

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