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Can I Prove Texting and Driving Led to My Accident in North Carolina?

Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina

The increasing dependence on smartphones and other handheld devices has resulted in dire consequences for drivers and pedestrians alike. In Charlotte, North Carolina, texting while driving is prohibited among all drivers. Despite this, texting and driving car accidents still occur on a regular basis. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a…

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Why Do I Suffer from Headaches After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Headaches After a Car Accident Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia

A car accident injury will usually vary in severity, with some injuries resulting in mild-to-serious head pain, bruises, and fractures. In some cases, however, it can take up to a week before an individual begins to feel headaches after a car accident. Since a post-traumatic headache can be a sign of a serious condition, it…

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What Happens If I Can't Work Due to a Back Injury in Augusta, GA?

Back Injury Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia

Did you incur a back injury in Augusta, Georgia and now you are unable to work? This means your injury was quite serious and recovering from it will take a long time and costly medical treatments and procedures. Your budget is probably already exhausted, and now that you are unable to work due to upper…

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