Lexington Co., SC – Stephanie Chanel Quintana Killed in I-20 Crash

Lexington Co., SC – Stephanie Chanel Quintana Killed in I-20 Crash

Lexington Co., SC (February 7, 2024) – The Lexington County coroner’s office confirmed that 22-year-old Stephanie Chanel Quintana of Columbia, South Carolina, lost her life as a result of a fatal collision that occurred early Friday morning. At approximately 12:30 a.m. on February 2, emergency officials were called to the scene of a collision on Interstate 20.

According to official reports, Quintana was walking on the westbound side of Interstate 20 when she was struck by a vehicle near mile marker 62. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene of the accident before stopping. A few hours later, a motorist was traveling on the roadway when they spotted Quintana on the side of the road. Emergency officials were requested at the scene to care for the woman. The victim was pronounced deceased by the Lexington County Coroner’s Office. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our condolences to the family of Stephanie Chanel Quintana.

Fatal Auto Accidents in South Carolina

Lexington Co., SC – Stephanie Chanel Quintana Killed in I-20 CrashAccording to reports from officials in South Carolina, the state has a traffic fatality rate of approximately 1.7 per deaths per 100 million miles traveled. This is considered to be one of the highest rates in the entire country. Each year, more than 1000 people die as a result of vehicle collisions reported across our state. There are many instances where pedestrians end up passing away as a result of injuries they suffer in these accidents. Fatal collisions often leave families torn apart and unsure of what to do moving forward.

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