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Accidents resulting in injuries at work can happen at any time. It is crucial to find out who is at fault so that you can take the necessary action. The action is in form of litigation so that you can be compensated for any injuries and medical expenses that arise because of the accident. When faced with such a situation, it is advisable to enlist the services of an experienced Smyrna Workers’ Compensation Lawyer. They will take you through the process and ensure that you understand the legal procedure for getting compensated by your employer.
A Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer is essential as they have vast knowledge in the legal processes surrounding a workers’ comp case, and they will be able to ensure that you get the right amount of compensation. Any injury can be devastating in many ways. A Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer can be there for you as you heal and ensure that you get the compensation that relieves you of any financial struggles that result from your injuries.
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Here are some of the queries and answers that will help you understand your workers’ compensation case.

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What is Workers Compensation?

It is insurance for employees that get injured on the job or suffer an illness related to the work. Workers compensation caters for;

  • Medical expenses, including any time spent in the hospital. Your employer’s insurance company should pay for this.
  • If your doctor requires you to recuperate at home, you are entitled to disability benefits during the recovery time.
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions
  • Any travel expenses for medical reasons related to your injury/illness
  • Vocational rehabilitation (if necessary)

What Should I Do if I’m Hurt on the Job?

First thing is to verify that your injuries are work-related if you are not certain that they are. This goes for injuries such as a back injury due to heavy lifting.
Next, notify your employer that you are hurt. This is to use your report as evidence during the case. Failure to do that may mean that the insurance company might dispute your case and claim that the injury did not happen at work.
Get medical help and ensure that you follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. It is crucial to give the doctor all the information regarding the injury.
Keep a written record of your injuries and symptoms. You should also include when the injury happened and whether you sought medical help immediately or after a while. If you did not see a medical professional immediately, you should explain why.
If you have visible injuries, you can take pictures of them.
Call a worker’s compensation lawyer to help you with the process of filing a claim.
Rest and recuperate while your lawyer gets all the details of your case to present it to the insurance company.

What are the Most Common Workplace Accident Injuries?

  • Back or neck injuries resulting from lifting heavy items/loads. They could also be from trips, slips, or falls. These may be due to disorganized spaces or slippery floors. You can also sustain a neck injury from a fall from heights.
  • Burns from toxic substances such as chemicals or hot surfaces/working with heat
  • Fractures resulting from a slip or fall.
  • Amputations when injured by equipment at work
  • Hearing loss from heavy industrial equipment/machinery
  • Joint pain
  • Construction accidents because of the risky nature of construction work
  • Accidents when traveling for business/work
  • Accidents when working with machinery

Why Should I Hire a Smyrna Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Hiring a Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer is one of the crucial steps you can take when dealing with a workers’ compensation case. A lawyer will help you in the following ways;

To Help You Navigate The Legal Process

Filing a claim for your case can be a tricky process. Various rules and regulations should be followed during the process. If you are not aware of them, you risk forfeiture of your benefits. A Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations so that you can have a better chance of getting the benefits. Additionally, it can be stressful to deal with the process if you do not understand the legal jargon. A Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer is the best person to explain everything in terms that you understand.

To Ensure Your Rights Are Advocated For

You need to get a Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer because you will have a better chance of getting your compensation with a legal expert advocating for you. We ensure that you are represented during the case because the insurance company also has its lawyers, whose job is to ensure they do not pay more than they have to. That can place you in a terrible position if you do not have a lawyer. To prevent issues such as a denied claim or having to appeal when still recuperating, allow our experienced workers’ comp lawyers to represent you in your case.

To Negotiate With The Insurance Company

The insurance company will find any reason to deny your claim because they would rather not pay the compensation. This is why you need an experienced Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. As experts in workers’ comp cases, our lawyers know all the strategies that the insurance company lawyers may have in place to ensure that you do not get what you feel entitled to. We have the resources and skills to negotiate a worthy compensation for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Smyrna Workers Compensation Attorney?

Your lawyer is allowed to charge you at most 25% of your benefits, excluding medical benefits, according to Georgia Law. The fee that the lawyer charges should not exceed 400 weeks of your disability benefits.

What Should I Do if My Workers Compensation Claim is Denied?

If your claim was denied. you have to find out the reason. If you had a lawyer, they should tell you why the claim was denied. If you had not hired a lawyer yet, that is the best time to get one so that they can analyze the case and tell you what you need to know.
Once you find out what the reason for the denial was, you can appeal your case. Our Smyrna workers’ compensation lawyer will take you through the process.
Some of the reasons that a claim can be denied include;

  • The statute of limitations had passed by the time you filed the claim
  • Your employer or the workers’ compensation insurer made a mistake
  • There were discrepancies with the medical paperwork regarding your case
  • No one witnessed your accident, and there is no evidence of it

What Responsibility Does the Employee Have in Filing a Workers Comp Claim?

  • Reporting the incident to the supervisor within 30 days of the accident. You can also notify a coworker in addition to the supervisor.
  • Keep a written journal of the accident and the injuries sustained
  • Document the accident or any related evidence. (you can record on your phone)
  • Talk to our lawyers to know your rights
  • Get medical treatment
  • Getting an independent medical evaluation upon request to do so by the employer or the workers’ comp insurer
  • Taking a drug test if the employer requests. This happens if there is a need to prove whether intoxication was the likely cause of the accident.

Can I be Fired for Claiming a Workers Comp Claim?


Is there a Time Limit to File a Workers Comp Claim in Smyrna, Georgia?

Yes. You have a year from the day the injury was discovered to file for a claim.

loss-of-earning capacity

Can I Sue My Employer?

In most cases, you cannot sue your employer.

Can an Independent Contractor File a Workers Comp Claim?

No. Independent contractors are not considered to have statutory employees hence they are exempt from filing workers’ comp claims.

What is My Smyrna Workers Compensation Claim Worth?

Keep in mind that most minor injuries mean that the claim will not be worth much, as the injured worker often returns to work within days or weeks of the accident. If you are rendered out of work for a substantial period, you can expect to receive benefits. The amount is to cover your wages until you get back to work.
The worker’s comp will pay for the following;

  • Your medical bills with the authorized physician treating your injury
  • Any rehabilitation costs
  • A percentage of your lost wages
  • Any travel expense related to the treatment of your injury/illness
  • Prescription medication
  • Your income loss replacement benefit. This is about two-thirds of the average of your wage per week. It should not exceed $575 per week.
  • PPD. You can also get an additional amount if the treating physician that has been authorized to treat your injury gives a disability rating that has to comply with the American Medical Association Guidelines

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