Winnsboro, SC – Fatal Crash Reported on Old Jenkinsville Rd

Winnsboro, SC – Fatal Crash Reported on Old Jenkinsville Rd

Winnsboro, SC (December 16, 2023) – A fatal collision reported in the Winnsboro area claimed the life of 23-year-old Bryson Burgess of Lexington, South Carolina, according to reports provided by the Fairfield County Coroner’s Office.

According to official reports provided by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Burgess was driving a vehicle on old Jenkinsville Road. As he passed through the intersection of Highway 213, his vehicle was struck by a pickup truck. Burgess and his passenger sustained serious injuries in the accident. The two victims were transported to Prism Health Richland Memorial Hospital. Burgess passed away after arriving. At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We offer our condolences to the family of Bryson Burgess at this time

Fatal Accidents in South Carolina

Winnsboro, SC – Fatal Crash Reported on Old Jenkinsville RdThe unfortunate truth is that we see a significant number of fatal collisions take place across our state every year. Despite the frequent nature of these accidents, it is nearly impossible to anticipate the sudden and unexpected impact they will have on your family. A significant number of fatal collisions occur as a result of driver negligence. These accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Distractions: Accidents are frequently attributed to drivers who engage in activities such as eating, conversing with passengers, or texting on their cell phones.
  • Speeding: Exceeding the speed limit raises the likelihood of a driver losing command over their vehicle. Driving at high speeds, particularly on curves, may lead to a driver veering into adjacent lanes and colliding with other vehicles.
  • Traveling too closely: Tailgating or closely following other vehicles on the road poses a significant danger. Drivers who engage in this type of behavior simply cannot stop in time to prevent collisions. This reckless action leads to the loss of innocent lives far too often in our state.

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